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Did you know that Jesus began His earthly ministry with a bold proclamation of “good news for the poor” and “freedom for the prisoners”?

Prison Ministry Matthew 25:36Prisons often have a thoroughly negative reputation. People believe they are full of murderous individuals who are beyond help, who are there solely to be punished. This is not true. Prisons are first and foremost institutions that were created to reform individuals that broke the law, not to inflict pain and suffering. Because of this, prison systems tend to not only tolerate religion but generally encourage it amongst inmates as well. The basis of every major religion has always been to show individuals how to live a moral life, which is in line with the prison system’s wish to reform its members.

We can provide important services to the prison community. Many prisoners have deep personal problems stemming from their time in prison. Some may be struggling to cope with having their freedom taken away from them. They may feel helpless or even hopeless about their lives. Some prisoners may be struggling with real feelings of guilt and regret for what they have done. Some prisoners may see a need to change their lives and may simply want to learn about religion in order to see if it is for them. We can help prisoners with all of these problems. We can also speak with those on death row. Inmates who are facing the end of their lives often need help dealing with this fact. They want and need strength, comfort and forgiveness. We can also speak with family members who are struggling to accept that their loved ones have been incarcerated, and even guards who may have a tough time working amongst a population with violent and dangerous backgrounds.


Reverend Curtis Eaden & Sister Veronica Young - Prison Ministry Leaders

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